Citrix Quick Tips

Connect to Citrix

·        From an internet browser, type and press [Enter].

·        If you receive a Client File Security prompt, select Full Access | Never ask me again and choose OK.

§  If you previously selected No Access or Never ask me again you can change these options by clicking the ICA icon at the top left corner of the Citrix window.

§  Select File Security Status | Full Access | Never ask me again | OK.

Disconnect from Citrix

Double-click the zz..Logoff icon.

To Save E-Mail Attachments to Your Local Computer

·        Open the e-mail containing the attachment.

·        Right-click the attachment and choose Save as....

·        Select C$ on 'Client'(V:) (the c:\drive on your local PC) and choose Save.

Save a Hummingbird DM Document to Your Home PC

·        Double-click the DM Quick Retrieve Icon.

·        If necessary, perform a Profile Search to locate the document.

·        Right-click the document and choose Check Out.

§  Choose Copy to save a copy of the document to your home PC (others will be able to edit the DM version of the document).

§  To lock the document for editing by others, select the Check-out option.

·        Choose the [...] Button from the Copy to: Field.

·        Click [+] to expand the location choices and click to select C$ on 'Client'(V:).

·        Choose OK | select the version | OK.

Print to a Local Printer

·        Choose File | Print.

·        Click the Name: drop-down arrow | select your local printer | OK.

Citrix Timeout

Please note that if your Citrix session becomes inactive, you will automatically be logged off after two hours of inactivity.


Citrix Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Access the Upgraded Citrix?

Always access Citrix from  Delete any shortcuts you may have previously used to access Citrix.  Shortcuts contain detailed connection information and can prevent a Citrix connection if changes have been made to DNS Entry or IP Address information on the Citrix Servers.

Why is it Slow to Login the First Time?

The first time you login to the upgraded Citrix, it will take several minutes to create your profile and setup all programs for first use.  Please allow the setup to run completely before opening any programs.

What are the Differences between the Citrix Desktop and My Desktop in the Office?

Although Citrix is equipped with the same software we use on our Desktops in the office, you may notice several inconsistencies between Citrix and your Desktop.

·        The Start Menu displays in “Classic” Windows format.  Our desktops in the office use an updated view.

·        Citrix provides access to standard firm applications.  Some programs are installed for individuals and small workgroups and are not available via Citrix.

·        The Citrix Desktop does not contain any personal desktop shortcuts you may have created on your office Desktop.

What if I am Disconnected While Working?

Citrix requires a stable internet connection.  If you lose your connection, do not panic!  Simply reconnect within 30 minutes and you will return to your previous session, complete with open windows.  If you are unable to connect within 30 minutes, the next time you login, you will begin a new session.

Note: If you are in a location that does not have a stable internet connection and you are disconnected from your Citrix session frequently, consider moving to a location with a more stable connection, or using a wired connection (in place of wireless), if available.

Why Does Citrix Log Me Off when I Stop Working?

Please note that if your Citrix session becomes inactive, you will automatically be logged off after two hours of inactivity.

What is the Best Way to Disconnect from Citrix?

Double-click the zz..Logoff icon.